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Trips schedule

We can all remember the excitement of school trips, whether it’s just for a day or a longer residential.


Trips enable us to learn outside of the classroom, they allow children to socialise with peers and they provide new opportunities and experiences.


Bringing Subjects To Life

Everyone has a different way of learning. For many, especially kinaesthetic learners who find it easier to take a hands-on approach to learning, school trips are brilliant for helping them to have a greater understand of topics.


Increasing Motivation

Visiting somewhere that pupils have been learning about in the classroom, increases engagement and enthusiasm. It helps to make a more personal connection to the topic being taught. School trips often leads to greater understanding in class as pupils see and appreciate things in real life.


Boosting Self-confidence

For some children, using an informal environment helps them to socialise, improving social skills and boosting confidence. 


Autumn 1 
Year GroupTrip or Experience
Y6Imperial War Museum: Friday 10th November 
Y4Sadler's Well Theatre: Wednesday 22nd November 
Y3 Visit to Beck Theatre 13th December 
Autumn 2 
Year GroupTrip or Experience