West Drayton Academy

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Meeting our pupils' needs

A curriculum that addresses the needs of our pupils.






Solo Taxonomy

Solo Taxonomy describes how learners’ understanding builds,  from simple to complex, by making connections in their knowledge and learning. At WDA, there are four learning outcomes; bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Pupils working at ‘gold’ standard are achieving age expectations. Pupils working at ‘platinum’ are achieving beyond age expectations. Pupils working at ‘bronze’ or ‘silver’ standard are working towards age expectations. By highlighting the difference between surface and deep understanding, children are consistently challenged. Children are more engaged because they enjoy the differentiated challenge.


Our desired values, skills and aspirations for West Drayton children are collated into the Four Pillars.


We want our children’s cultural capital to go beyond National Curriculum expectations. The 100 Club (100 enrichment opportunities) and Childhood Promise (annual experiences provided free of charge by the school) grow our children’s knowledge, aspirations and life skills.


The Citizenship Programme is a series of ‘daily discussions’ that covers the knowledge, skills and understanding that our pupils need to play a full part in democratic society, as active and responsible citizens. Content comes from the five areas of personal development and Grades.