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Children's Leadership Team

Children Leadership Team 2023-24

CLT Members

How is it organised?

Children who want to be a member of the Children’s Leadership submit an application and formally present their reasons. Candidates are selected by the Senior Leadership Team


Children’s Leadership Team Meetings

We hold weekly meetings to discuss upcoming roles and responsibilities and how the children can make an impact to school life or children's learning. Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Leading assemblies
  • Welcoming guests to whole school events
  • Providing tours around the school site


In addition, CLT work alongside teachers to lead aspects of the Academy Development Plan. They might collect and analyse data, provide school improvement or monitor development targets.


2023-24, CLT 


Autumn 1        Classroom Recognition Boards: Collect weekly data and analyse the outcomes. Present weekly 'Champions' with a certificate of excellence.
Autumn 2Communication Ambassadors: CLT will help to create WDA's 'Habits for discussion'. In subsequent weeks, they will learn & apply strategies and then teach the 'habits' to other children.
Spring 1 
Spring 2 
Summer 1 
Summer 2 


Meetings are help with Miss Vivian but the children are encouraged to lead their own meetings. These are led by the Head Pupils.


Why do we have a Children’s Leadership Team?

We believe that by having a Children’s Leadership Team, pupils have:

  • a forum to make change;
  • a structured opportunity to learn problem-solving skills;
  • an opportunity to take an active role in the organisation of the school
  • an opportunity to experience a democratic process


The CLT are role models and champion our Four Pillars.