West Drayton Academy

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is what West Drayton Academy stands for; the foundations on which our school is built upon and the learning journey our pupils embark on from the minute they join, encompassing all opportunities that we provide.


The curriculum is ambitious and provides an opportunity for every child to be a lifelong learner, achieve excellent outcomes, be healthy, happy and evolve into a good citizen. The curriculum is diverse, logical, sequenced and encourages deeper learning. Learners think critically, communicate effectively and use developing knowledge with progressive skills. We want to grow thinkers, collaborators and leaders. 


Our vision is for children to love school. They are engrossed in learning, intrinsically want to improve and set high expectations for themselves. Children are kind, considerate and healthy.

The key principles, that underpin our curriculum, are known as ‘SKIP’ -   skills, knowledge, inclusion and personal development. Our school values, the ‘Four Pillars’, are threaded through everything that we do; aim high, be kind, get involved, be healthy and happy.


We want our children’s cultural capital to go beyond National Curriculum expectations. The ‘100 Club’ provides 100 enrichment opportunities beyond the National Curriculum. From Nursery to Year Six, children will engage in a range of experiences to develop their life skills and grow their general knowledge that will help them to prepare for the future. 


By providing children with life skills and knowledge, by practising skills to apply the knowledge and by offering experiences to make the knowledge meaningful, we are delivering our children the tools that will help them succeed, now and in the future. 


To find out more about our curriculum, click on an icon below, download the curriculum summary or contact Danielle Richards via the school office.