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Message from your teachers laugh


Hey all, hope you are all doing well, keeping safe and smiling as always! I am missing you all so much; especially being able to say 'gracias' and speaking all posh and formal with you all to help us identify formal and informal language wink.  Remember to log on once you get your Google Classroom logins, show off the greatness we are missing and keep in touch everyday! Hope I can see you all soon! Miss Siddle laugh


Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well, remember to look after yourselves and each other and hopefully see you all soon! Mr Forster laugh


Hi guys! Missing you so much.

English group: miss our chats before lessons wink!

Maths group: don't miss some of your tik tok moves cheeky! Make sure you take care of yourselves.  Mrs Akyel laugh


Hi all, I hope that you are all safe and well. I miss you all and hope that we are all back together again soon. Mrs Furzer-Pickett laugh xx


Hi everyone! I am missing you all so much.  I am trying to learn some tiktok moves so I can impress you all when I see you cheeky.  I hope you are all looking after yourselves and your families- I can't wait to get our Year 6 Dream Team back together! Mrs Storer laughx


To each and everyone of you stuck at home, remember to stay postive! The days might feel like weeks but one day pretty soon we will all be moaning about who's on the muga and how much homework we have got wink. Keep healthy, move about and love your nearest and dearest. Miss you all laugh. Mrs Walker x



Google Classroom and Home Learning Pack 


Google Classroom is currently in working progress to get you all ready to begin learning online! You will be able to access Google Classroom using your school email address, which will be given to you shortly.  We will set a range of Maths, Reading and Grammar activities whilst incorporating some creative elements where we can- we know how much you love sketching with Disney music laugh.  We will be able to mark your work and regularly give you feedback; ensure you keep working with high expectations and challenge!


For now, continue to work through your ‘home learning pack’.  Try and complete a task from each of the four sections a day.

Keep checking this page for information. mail


BugClub and Mathletics

Your BugClub and Mathletics accounts have been updated. You should aim to read for at least 10 minutes a day using BugClub or other available books (see links in Learning Resource Centre).  You should aim to earn at least 1000 points on Mathletics. Your set teachers in English and Maths will be logging in regularly to check your participation and progress; make us proud! laugh

Daily Timetable



Task / Resources

Before 9am

Wake up, have breakfast, brush teeth/wash, get dressed






See WDA Learning Resources on Website


Complete Maths Task


Home Learning Pack for Maths

Google Classroom



(Drink and Snack)




Complete Reading/Writing/Phonics Task



Home Learning Pack for Reading

Google Classroom


Creative Time


Practical Learning Pack (Link on Website)

WDA Website


Lunch Time




Tidy up / Chores




Complete Grammar/Spelling Task



Home Learning Pack for Grammar

Google Classroom


Free Choice / Online resources / Independent Reading


See WDA Learning Resources on Website