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Year 3

Monday 18th November 2019




Iron Man Theatre Workshop - Friday 22nd November 2019


This week . . .


Reading: To determine the importance


Maths: To compare and order numbers using place value


English: To explore newspapers and their features - 'The Iron Man', Ted Hughes


Science: Rocks


Topic: Mountains, Earthquakes and Volcanoes


Important Information:


  • 3L: PE/Gymnastics is on Monday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child always has the correct PE kit.
  • 3S and 3M: PE/Gymnastics is on Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure your child always has the correct PE kit.


  • Homework will be set every Friday and is due the following Wednesday.
  • Additionally, don't forget to log on to:


  • We encourage children to read at home every day. Please encourage your child to read a variety of text types and listen to them read as much as possible. Our Librarian is willing to help with book choices.  When listening to your child read, please ask them questions about the text and ask them to use their Super 8 Reading Strategies!


Miss Longman, Miss Makwana and Miss Spence