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Newsletter – February 2020


A message from our Principal, Richard Yates

Wishing all of our families a restful and happy half term.  Read lots, play safe, have fun.

We will see you on our return, Monday 24th February, normal time.


Celebration Assembly

At the end of each half term, we reserve an assembly slot to celebrate children’s efforts and achievements.  The hall was full of excitement as the children filed in to M People’s ‘What have you done today to make you feel Proud’.

Thank you to Miss Richards and Miss Mirza for gathering evidence and results so we could recognise and celebrate the achievements for Spring Term 1.


Top Scoring Mathletes                                                                           

Y1          Abhiram             18,964 points                 

Y2          Rishab                 30,830 points                 

Y3          Srijal                     71,300 points

Y4          Saisha                 29,900 points

Y5          Gilroy                  4,210 points   

Y6          Ishika                    5,700 points


KS1 Top Class:    2P          109,310

KS2 Top Class:    4J           159,786


Top Accelerated Reader Quizzers:

Daniel, Adnan, Laswini, Jessie, Karthik, Parambir, Dewa, Nicole, Hollie, Chinelo, Kierdan & Ruben


Significant Progress certificates for reading in KS1 were issued to Aarav A, Aarav G, Aaliyah, Jakub, Isabelle & Ruby-Rose


Progress with Writing was also recognised and those nominated by their class teacher for significant effort / improvement over the last half term were:

Y1: Maximilian, Abdul & Samritha

Y2: Hemanya, Dylan LP & Dylan A

Y3: Alfie, Zohra & Sofia

Y4: Lola, Sheila & Shreyansh

Y5: Onara, Khadija & Mushtaq

Y6: Aiden, Maya & Maddie


Millionaires Club is a new award introduced for those who have read a million words. 

The seven children pictured below are the first to receive this prestigious badge.

Aaron, Sean, Sahir, Mumtaz, Weronika, Khadija & Rocco

Raffle Draw

Mr Yates picked the winning ticket and the £10 Amazon voucher was collected by Akula


Class Assembly


‘Lost Happy Endings’ is the text that was the inspiration for 3S Class Assembly.  It is a tale of a girl who spreads the happy endings of stories to all children, until an evil witch puts these happy endings in jeopardy.

In their assembly, 3S demonstrated their knowledge of setting through movement and poetry they had written, inspired by the woodland in which the story was set.

Many traditional fairy tales were incorporated into the assembly, allowing children to take on the roles of well-known fairy tale characters, with confidence, enthusiasm and passion. 3S thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and exploring the text through performance. 


4M have really enjoyed learning about the Anglo-Saxons this term. To share their learning the class performed an assembly all about people who lived in Britain at this time. Miss Martin said they loved learning the songs and actions.


Y3’s Fairy Tale Bed Time

Traditionally, children get to enjoy fairy tales at bedtime and Y3 thought they would re-create ‘bed time’ in school with a pyjama party.

The children arrived snug and warm their favourite pyjamas, some even brought in teddy bears! 

Using their glow sticks and torches, the children toured the school and playground while it was dark.  After their evening exploration, they returned to class to share hot chocolate, play games and were read a bed time story.

It was a lovely experience to share with so many of our children.

Thank you to everyone involved.


Reception: A quick trip to the Moon before home time!

Reception hosted a 'Picnic on the Moon' as part of their work on their key text, 'Whatever Next'.  The children enjoyed making cheese or jam sandwiches with their parents/carers and tucking in to some sweet treats. 

Thank you to all parents/carers for attending - it was a great turn out.   A big thank you to the staff for their hard work in making the event happen.  We look forward to holding more events throughout the year.  


Nursery Stay & Play

Parents and families came into Nursery to play with their children and engage with a range of activities set up to develop their communication and language skills. The focus was on retelling our favourite traditional tales learnt so far: The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. The activities enabled children to use language to tell stories, engage in small world play and sing nursery rhymes, as well as encouraging them to listen to instructions and have conversations with their parents and friends as they played. 

The children loved having their families in the Nursery and it is a wonderful opportunity for them to see the children engaging in the environment and developing relationships with the other children. Parents were keen to share and discuss the progress their children have been making with their communication and took lots of activity ideas away with them to continue to support this development at home. 


The Park Federation Spelling Bee Challenge

Three children in Year 5  were chosen to represent their school in each of the Park Federation’s 8 academies. 

Thank you to Eliad, Zak and Nileeth  who  represented West Drayton Academy and who each earned a medal for making it  to the last 24 out of over 10000 children in this year group.


Musical Interlude

Ms Jay, our  Music Lead, has  certainly hit  all the right notes since her arrival last month.   As well as leading the Young Voices Trip to the O2, Ms Jay is continuing with the choir next half term for KS2 children, is looking at introducing new instruments for the children learn, will be supporting Emma and Nileeth who are representing WDA at the forthcoming Park Federation Young Musician of the Year event and has bought a certain harmony to the playground during break time with some impromptu music lessons!


Young Voices 2020

On Monday 3rd February we took 31 children from Years 4-6 to the London O2 Arena to take part in the Young Voices concert. 

Mrs Furzer-Pickett had been working very hard with the school choir from September, learning all the songs for the show. The children were amazed at the size of the arena, and were excited to sing with over 8,000 other children from dozens of other schools. 

The staff were more excited than the children to sing alongside Tony Hadley, from Spandau Ballet, but the children got to sing with Ruti Olajugbagbe, winner of ‘The Voice’ 2018.

It was a very long day, arriving back to school at 11pm, but it was well worth it; a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Well, until we go again next year!

Ms J would like to thank Mrs Furzer-Pickett for all her hard work, and Mrs Marchant & Mr Nahar for accompanying us on the trip.


A Spot of Sport

We scraped a scrappy 1-0 win over Oak Farm in a recent football match and luckily we didn’t have ‘VAR’ technology.  Arguably Oak Farm were the better side but our boys didn’t give up and after a tough team talk at half time, they came out to secure a win.

This week we had another home match against Whitehall Juniors and were sadly defeated 4-1.

The boys will need to draw on the head and health aspects of our pillars to prove their resilience and self belief.

We are still proud of your efforts and commitment!


Our netball team played at home on Thursday against St Bernadettes.  A great team effort resulted in a 6-3 win.  Well done to you all.