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Newsletter – Summer 2019


A message from Mr Yates:

We are always sad to lose the Y6 children at the end of the year, the majority of whom have been at West Drayton since nursery. Amidst our reflection, we are confident that receiving secondary schools are fortunate to have our children joining them. We send with them our best wishes and hope to hear news updates next term.


Children in Y6 andY2 produced some excellent results in their ‘end of key stage’ SATS exams. Indeed, attainment across the school is very strong. In the large majority of subjects, in all year groups, our children are working beyond national expectations. Our focus next year is to promote greater depth, particularly reading. I thank staff for their unyielding dedication and parents for their sustained support.  Our success remains a joint effort.  During the summer break, within the frolics of a summer holiday, encourage your children to practice reading. This will support their transition back to school in September.


We are also saying goodbye to several members of staff: Miss Soma……….... We thank them all for their commitment and efforts toward our children’s learning, both academic and social. The contribution they have made is significant and appreciated – I wish them success as they embark on new ventures.


Looking forward to September…


Please ensure that the children have appropriate uniform for the new school year – including gold (not yellow) polo shirts and black shoes or trainers. Please note that coloured trainers or coloured laces are not permitted, even at break and lunch times.


We return to school on Wednesday September 4th. Without an appropriate reason, attendance for all children who do not attend on this date will be unauthorised.


I wish all members of our community, children, parents, friends and staff, a fabulous summer holiday.


Very best wishes,

Richard Yates



Class Assemblies

This term we have had the pleasure of seeing many children perform in their class assembly with a variety of themes reflecting the topic work they are doing in class.

3OC gave an energetic health and fitness themed performance for their class assembly ahead of our healthy eating week.  3OC made sure to explain the food pyramid which helps us choose healthier options to fuel us through the day.   Mr Campbell and Miss Penny featured as the class re-enacted their brilliant football and yoga workshops from health and fitness week.  Not even Mr Yates was safe as the West Brom jibes were cast across the stage.  Well done 3OC!

Mr O’Connor

In Year 1, we have been learning all about animals!  1L’s class assembly explained some of the interesting facts we have learnt and how we can classify different animals based on what they eat (herbivores, carnivores and omnivores).

It was also filled with lots of funny animal jokes and we read some of our amazing pieces of writing.

We sang two songs: ‘We're Going to the Zoo’ and ‘Roar!’

Miss Lewis


1E’s assembly was an overview of everything that they had learned throughout the year and the importance of being a good friend. They were proud to show how it’s good to be unique and sing about working extremely hard throughout the year. 

Miss Earley

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about Living Things and their Habitats.  In our assembly, we wanted to persuade our parents and friends how important it is to recycle and protect natural habitats.   We loved learning the recycling rap!

Miss Martin

2P’s class assembly was about our Power of Reading text ‘The Storm Whale’ written by Benji Davies. The class retold the story and stopped at various points to discuss our learning based around the book. They shared their English learning on description settings, diary entries and news reports. They also shared their science learning on animal habitats and adaptations. They sang two songs: ‘Submarine’ by Bounce Patrol Kids and ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Disney’s Moana. 

Miss Porteous

The assemblies help the children in many ways, beyond academic.  Children learn how to work together, and follow direction.  They help with the development of presentation and communication skills, drama and creativity.    The Teachers work hard to bring the assemblies together, ensuring every child has a contribution to make.


Books & Reading

Our Accelerated Reader programme launched earlier this year is proving successful in getting children to enjoy books and read more.  This, in turn, will help with language, vocabulary, communication, comprehension, imagination, creativity and writing skills—one of our focus areas for next year.

In our June assembly, the latest count was revealed:

Total books read to date:      3,684                   Total words read to date:      33,614,636

Children who earned over 100 points received a badge.  This time it was:

Weronika 115 points

Rocco with 153 points

Eliad with 244 points &

Sahir with 279 points


88 children across KS2 achieved 100% in a quiz five times (or more!).  That is almost a third of children out of the whole phase.  

Every time a child achieves 100% in a quiz, they earn a raffle ticket for the prize draw.  Jay was the lucky winner of the raffle draw this term and received a £10 Amazon gift voucher (to spend on books of course!)


Rock on Year 3!

This half term, Y3 have been learning about the Stone Age.

To get into the spirit, the children  (and staff!) dressed up in Stone Age costumes, watched a Stone Age film and created some Stone Age hand paintings on one of our curriculum theme days.

The children were encouraged to think about how the way of living over 3 million years ago was very different to the way we live now.  Of course, having no technology was the children's biggest concern. They couldn't imagine life without Youtube!

On their school trip to the Chiltern Open Air Museum, the children travelled back in time to visit the Stone Age.  They left behind their interactive whiteboards and the age of technology and embraced the woodlands and the great outdoors.

There was the sound of a horn and out of the woods appeared Yan, their dedicated Stone Age guide for the day. Yan taught the tribe of hunters and gatherers how to track animals through the forest, how to build a shelter to protect them from the cold (which was especially important on the rainy day they had!) and how to light a fire, amongst other survival techniques.

Families were taken aback at the camouflage paint the Year 3s had masked themselves with on their return. The transformation from modernity to prehistory was one that some took a lot more seriously than others, as many parents and carers will attest!

All of the staff on the trip with the children would like to emphasise how proud they were of the behaviour and manners shown by Year 3. On a rainy, wet and muddy day, they were patient and enthusiastic throughout the entire trip. Year 3, you were fantastic ambassadors for WDA!


Healthy Eating Week

Following on from Health & Fitness week, we had Healthy Eating Week. We encouraged the children to eat breakfast each morning and eat at least one piece of fruit and one vegetable each day. For most of us this was easy as we already lived a life with a healthy and balanced diet, however for others it was an excellent chance for us to try new foods at school in our school lunches or at home for breakfast or dinner.

All of the children were really enthusiastic when talking about the different fruits and vegetables that they had eating and it was lovely to see them making a particular effort with sharing these with their peers and other adults around school.

Throughout the week all of the class teachers recorded whether the children had eaten breakfast each morning and had at least one piece of fruit and one vegetable each day.

All of the children were really enthusiastic and keen to make sure they ate well, and if they were a particularly fussy eater they were open to trying new, more healthy, foods.

It would be fantastic if the children could continue to eat just as healthily as they have been this week at West Drayton Academy.  It is not only important to achieve academically, but also to live and lead a healthy lifestyle.

I would like to thank all parents and carers for their continued support.

Miss Earley

Healthy Eating Week Results

Percentage of children who ate breakfast and a portion of fruit and veg each day:


1st  RH                                88%

2nd Nursery AM            75%

3rd  Nursery PM             69%



1st  4M                                94%

2nd  3OC                            84%

3rd  3S                                 79%


Larky Parky 2019

Both the day itself and the event leading up to Larky Parky were fantastic.  The teachers and children worked really hard planning and co-ordinating their sponsored events, from running a mile to a three legged  obstacle race under water (!?), baking and the impressive talent shows.  It was an extremely busy fortnight with the focus on fun, fundraising and thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves.  Thank you for helping us to raise over £2,500.

Amazing news - our annual charity event for 2018/19 “Larky Parky” has raised £26,579 and involved over 10,000 people in Slough and Hillingdon - children, families and staff colleagues. 

All told, since Lark in the Park’s inception in 2018, we have raised over £50,000 for charity!  Moreover, we can now launch “Global Park 60” and sponsor 60 children (and their communities) across the globe. In fact, this year we can do more than that and co-fund additional ActionAid projects. We are particularly keen to join the fight for social justice focused on world-wide girls’ education. 

Hats off to The Park Federation and the amazing people who make it a very special educational home!

As we said at our 10th Birthday Party last month, kindness is the key to so much in life. Well, kindness is blooming in the Federation. 


Dr Martin Young

CEO of the Park Federation


 Nursery Stay & Play

 Our final nursery Stay and Play sessions had a mathematics learning focus and the children were keen to show their parents what they can do. The children could demonstrate their number, shape, space and measures learning through construction activities, water play, pattern making in the art area and counting in the sand tray. We had an excellent turn out with parents enthusiastic to join in with the activities and keen to continue supporting this learning at home. Throughout the year parents have been attending our Stay and Play sessions and this time it was evident that children have really progressed in their learning. They demonstrated an ability to follow instructions, communicate with friends and families and stay focused on an activity for a good period of time, making their parents and teachers very proud.


Year 6—What a Year! ‘What a Knight’!

Year 6 is a year full of  progress, growth, challenge and change as we  prepare the children for the SATs, the  School Journey, the Production and, finally , the Leavers ‘ Assembly where we hope they can all reflect on completing a successful and final year at WDA. 

The teachers work tirelessly to bring out the best in each and every child to ensure they have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

We thank the children for their hard work in return and wish them every happiness and success in their new schools. 

What a Performance!

Dr Martin Young, CEO of the Park Federation, hosted a prize giving assembly where the top performers in Year 6 were awarded for their attainment and progress.  The results are below—there wasn’t room to publish all of the pictures here but you will find more on the App, if you haven’t seen them already.


A Spot of Sport

On Monday 1st July, 10 of our girls took part in the Park Federation cricket tournament held at the Gatting Way cricket ground.

It was a lovely  day with warm weather and no risk of rain stopping play for a change!

With little opportunity to train, our girls batted and fielded  their hearts out and earned 3rd place, wining 3 and losing 3 matches.

We may not have won the world cup like the England team but Mr Wichelow just as  proud of you!

We did not fare so well at this year’s District sport despite some excellent performances from individuals and the relay team (pictured below).  We also need to work on our cheering as Cherry Lane, who not only took the shield, definitely had the loudest crowd!    Here’s to success next year.

As for the Y6 Park Federation Athletics tournament we came a very creditable 4th, bearing in mind we have less  children in our Year 6 than all of the other  six academies who took part, we feel pretty proud of ourselves!


Celebration Saturday 

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Park Federation.  Each year, Dr Martin Young, CEO of the Federation, hosts a ‘Celebration Saturday’ event when Academy leaders, Governors, Board members  and Trustees come together to celebrate the activities and successes of each school. 

This year, our choir represented West Drayton Academy and sang ’Be our Guest’ from Beauty and the Beast,  ‘What Makes a Year’, and finished with the infectious Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

Abi and Sjouke  gave a presentation about the highlights of our year at WDA and Abbie and Ishika  delivered a speech about what makes WDA special.

All of the children performed brilliantly and were a credit to WDA.