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The West Drayton Academy School Council is comprised of 17 representatives, one per class from Years 1 to 6. The children are chosen by class vote at the beginning of the year.


The School Council performs three main functions:

Firstly, the School Councillors are key players in raising the role and importance of pupil voice, where all children have their say in ways to improve learning and the learning environment at the school. They are the fore-runners in administering pupil voice questionnaires which provide teachers with invaluable information about how children feel about their lessons and the curriculum content.  

Additionally, the School Council organise a termly fundraising event for the whole school, in order to raise awareness of a variety of important causes and to facilitate the raising of money for these causes. They help to run fun charity activities, raising the standing of these within their class and drum up support.

Lastly, on a day to day basis, the School Councillors play a fundamental role in their class, listening to their classmates ideas and suggestions as well as collecting views and opinions on important learning issues. Furthermore, the School Councillors share and feedback information from their meetings and coordinate their classes responses, from collecting money for charity to taking ideas for ways to raise money to listening to the views of their classes.

Our School Council 2018-19

Our School Council 2018-19 1