West Drayton Academy

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Mathletics is an online programme which helps children to enjoy maths and improve their results. Every child has been given their individual log-in details and has been introduced to the site. Mathletics is split into 2 main sections: live Mathletics and curriculum activities.


In live Mathletics, children are able to play against others in their class, their school or across the world! Each round of live Mathletics is 60 seconds long and consists of mental maths questions. In the curriculum activities, children work on improving their maths skills and earn gold bars for successfully answering 85% or more of the questions correctly. Children can be guided through any of the questions by simply clicking on a button, returning to the activity once they have understood. Teachers are able to set activities for their class to complete and when this happens children must complete that activity before they are able to access any other part of Mathletics.


Children earn credits for improving their scores, which can be ‘spent’ in the virtual shop and points for correct scores. Daily scores can earn a place in the top 100 world or UK students in the Hall of Fame and weekly class scores can earn a place in the top 50 world or UK classes. How fantastic would it be to see some of our children or classes in these lists?


Our PTA has provided the funds for the subscription this year and I am extremely grateful to them for this.  I hope that your children enjoy using Mathletics.


Click here for Mathletics website