West Drayton Academy

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We continue to develop a school culture that embraces diversity in the classroom and that has a positive impact on the school community. We want to develop a safe, supportive and purposeful community which allows children to grow — academically and socially. 


Fostering inclusion and awareness around multicultural education and taking a culturally responsive approach to teaching benefits all students. Not only does creating greater multicultural awareness and inclusion help children with different backgrounds and needs succeed, but it encourages acceptance and helps prepare students to thrive in an exponentially diverse world. Diversity in and out of the classroom will continue to grow, so it’s essential we prepare pupils to adapt to an evolving world and embrace those different from themselves. 


Diversity in the curriculum will:


  • Challenge children to consider how different perspectives can teach them how to interact with peers on a social level and equip them with skills for life
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Support children and families to feel represented and included


How are we developing diversity at West Drayton?


  1. Reviewing curriculum content. 
  2. Diverse reading materials.
  3. Diverse class names.
  4. Increasing opportunities to embed a culture of diversity. This includes murals, assembly themes and applying the school’s values.
  5. Finding out more information about each child and their family
  6. Connecting with families by celebrating diversity in our community. ‘Culture Club’ is our school / parent group that coordinates community celebrations. Culture Club reviews our ethnic traditions, ancestry, history, society, nation, religion and culture. 


West Drayton Academy is a member of both the local authority and Park Federation diversity working parties.