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Our Curriculum - The Four Pillars

A collective promise that West Drayton children will receive the knowledge, skills and values required for today, the next phase of their education and to become lifelong learners. We apply the PILLARS always.

The curriculum at West Drayton Academy aims to prepare children in understanding the world around them and prepare them to become lifelong learners.   Our ambitious curriculum promises to give cultural capital to all children, an equal opportunity to self-direct their own learning and to adopt a positive mindset. Coherently planned and carefully sequenced lessons will provide opportunities for deeper learning, allowing learners to think critically, communicate effectively across different subjects and transfer their acquired knowledge and skills from one situation to another.

Our curriculum is tailored to both support and capitalise on local knowledge and cultural diversity


In order to bring learning to life, we plan rich learning experiences for all year groups.  We want our children to experience a wide range of learning opportunities such as: visit a farm; go to the seaside; hear music performed live; meet an author, poet, musician, artist, scientist, engineer etc; visit a museum; perform on a stage; sing in a choir; volunteer; support a charity.


For full details of our curriculum: challenges; experiences and outcomes, please see the long term plans at the bottom of this page.


Reading at West Drayton Academy

In our school, we have a wealth of books for the children to choose from.  Our library is stocked with fiction, non-fiction and poetry; children have weekly opportunities to choose books.  Mrs Abdullaj, our librarian, is always happy to help children and parents with book choices.


We have a range of reading schemes we use to help children at the earliest stages of reading.  Oxford Reading Tree is one of our core reading schemes.  The Oxford Owl website ( has a wealth of information on:

  • helping your child with reading;
  • supporting your child with maths;
  • explaining how we teach phonics;
  • e-books to choose from;
  • explaining the different assessments children take;
  • and much more...


We are currently reviewing our curriculum content and will publish the overviews for each subject when they have been finalised.

If you have any questions about the curriculum we teach, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Primary National Curriculum