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Reporting Sickness Absence


If your child is unwell and unable to come into school, you must inform us be telephoning: 01895 442904 after 8.00am.

We will ask you what the nature of the illness is and the expected length of absence.

It is not possible to ring and leave a message.



Medical Matters


It is very important that our welfare assistants are informed of any medical conditions your child may have. They will take responsibility with the class teacher for ensuring that all children are cared for appropriately.


Children who suffer from severe allergies / asthma must have two Epi-pens /inhalers at school. One will be kept in the classroom and the other in the medical room.


We understand that all young children suffer from sickness from time-to-time; however, not all illness needs time off school. The school is able to administer Calpol or Doctor prescribed medication on completion of a ‘Consent Form’.


The following guidance from medical professionals is offered:


Nil days absence required for:

Cough / Cold


Earache / Headache

Glandular Fever

Hand, Foot & Mouth

Head lice

Sore throat / Tonsillitis

Stomach ache


Warts / Verrucae


The following levels of absence are expected for such conditions as:

Chicken Pox Children  may return 5 days after the rash has started
Flu Up to 5 days
German Measles Children may return 6 days after the rash has started
Impetigo Children may return 2 days after stating anti-biotics once the lesions have crusted over and dried
Measles Children may return 4 days after the rash has started
Sickness / Diarroea Children should not attend school for 48 hours following each episode
Scabies Children can come into school after the first day of treatment.