West Drayton Academy

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1:1 computing in Year 5 and Year 6

Our students’ daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. We want them to feel at ease in this rapidly changing climate.


The Park Federation Academy Trust Vision:


Children aged 8 – 11 will benefit daily from a curriculum enriched, enhanced and extended through technology. Children will not only receive resources technologically, they will use their skills and the equipment to respond creatively to those resources. Word processing software will be supplemented with sound, graphics and video. Independent study and individual exploration will be increased when the internet is at a child’s fingertips rather than a paper worksheet chosen by an adult. By the time children leave for secondary school, the “digital divide” between the advantaged and disadvantaged nationally will have been narrowed and hopefully closed for federation children.   


Who is involved?


  • Ms Gaughan- Director of Digital Learning
  • Year 5 and Year 6 (22/23) classes in The Park Federation 




Chromebook Introduction