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Newsletter September 2018

A word from our Principal, Mr Yates

A belated welcome back to school! I hope you had a terrific break and the children fully refreshed. In particular, a warm welcome to many new children and their families. All children have made a positive start, settling very quickly.

The total number of children on role, from nursery to year six, now totals 630 - in just two years, as we continue to expand, this will increase to 690. We currently have no places left to fill, continued testament that our community thinks very highly of West Drayton Academy. We are the number one choice of school in the area.

We have many new staff members working at WDA this year, all of whom are already making lovely relationships with the children and have taken little time to establish themselves.

As always, please do not hesitate to ask if I, or any member of West Drayton staff, can help you with matters large or small. We are a team - your children depend on us to work together! I can say with 100% certainty, pupils only perform at their best with the full backing of home and school.


New Staff for the New School Year


Mrs Harrison - Early Years Phase Leader & RH Class Teacher

I recently returned to the UK after 10 years working in Dubai where I taught nursery, reception classes, led Early Years departments and most recently was a Deputy Headteacher in British international schools. I was attracted to West Drayton by the passion of the leadership to continually improve the learning experiences and outcomes for the children.


Mr San Vicente—KS1 Phase Leader & Y2 Class Teacher

I have spent the last 5 years teaching in areas close to West Drayton. During these years I have gained experience and taken different roles and responsibilities. I come to West Drayton Academy with enthusiasm, looking for new experiences ,teaching an exciting curriculum and eager to motivate the children to enjoy every step of learning.


Miss Siddle—Y6 Class Teacher

I am in my eighth year of teaching and I find it so rewarding to see the children strive to make good progress and enjoy their learning. I feel lucky to be part of the West Drayton Academy team as we embrace the new and exciting challenges ahead.


Mrs Juttlay—Y4 Class Teacher

I have been a teacher for 8 years and I have taught children of all ages from nursery to year 6. This school was a great fit for me as I share similar values, including aiming high and perseverance. I am looking forward to getting to know the pupils at West Drayton Academy, and helping them deliver results they can be proud of!


Miss Earley— Y1 Class Teacher

This is my 5th year of teaching and before that I worked in a range of settings as a nursery nurse and teaching assistant. As well as teaching I am also completing my Masters in Education and Management. I decided WDA was the place for me the minute I read through the school values, and I truly believe these values not only help the children within their schooling, but also prepares them to become valued members of society. I am thrilled to be part of the WDA family!


Mr Lafafian—Y5 Class Teacher

I have been teaching for 12 years and have a speciality in mastery mathematics. I wanted to be part of a school of innovation, who puts the education and welfare of children first .


 Miss Martin—Y4 Class Teacher

I am thrilled to have joined West Drayton Academy, after teaching in schools in the UK and abroad. I look forward to working with the Year 4 children to help them reach their goals this year.


Miss Lewis—Y1 Class Teacher

I have recently moved to London to join the enthusiastic and diverse team at WDA. My values are aligned with those of the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first week in year one, and am looking forward to the year ahead.


Introducing our new Family Support Worker

Hello! My name is Nasreen Malik.


Parenting is one of the most challenging and demanding jobs there is. It can also be one of the most rewarding. There are no right or wrong way to parent and there are no set of instructions, as each child is different. What will work for one family may not work for another.


My role in school is to provide a friendly non-judgemental advice and support service to families within our community to help them get the best out of family life.


I can help and support in the following ways:

· With any worries you may have with your child’s education, behaviour or attendance and how to best deal with these issues

· Provide emotional support, giving you an opportunity to offload and discuss any worries or concerns you may have, whether they be big or small

· Any separation or settling difficulties

· Issues with attendance and punctuality

· Attend meetings with you

· Offer advice and support in promoting positive behaviour at home

· Facilitating programmes such as :

- Family Links Nurturing Programme

- ESOL Classes

- Family Group whereby we work together with your child to set realistic targets which may be causing stress at home

If there any other classes you wish the school to provide, please do not hesitate to ask me.


Be assured that advice and support is always confidential, however any concerns relating to the safeguarding of children will always be dealt with in accordance with the school's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.


How to get in touch:

I will be based in school on Thursday between 10.30 am to 4.00 pm and on Friday from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm.

I can arrange and meet with you either at home or in school at a time that suits you.

Please call the school office on 01895 442904 to make an appointment or pop in and I will be happy to see you as soon as I can.

I can also be contacted via email:


Reading Recovery—What is it?

Reading Recovery is an intensive literacy intervention that aims to get children to age-related expectations in approximately 20 weeks. It involves a short series of daily one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes with a specially trained teacher. Reading Recovery is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next.


Mrs Saini

I will be covering Mrs Roca’s role whilst she is on maternity leave. I am a Reading Recovery teacher and have worked in the education sector for over 30 years.

I am passionate about reading and believe that it provides us all with the possibility to be more than we can ever imagine for ourselves. This will be my personal goal for all of the children I will be working at West Drayton Academy


We would also like to extend a warm West Drayton welcome to new members of our support team including:

Miss Glowala (LSA)

Miss Griffith (SEN LSA)

Miss Vekhria (SEN LSA)

Mr Williamson (LSA)

Mrs Cattell (Music Teacher )

Miss Greene-Williams (Sports Coach)


Summer Readers Prize Draw

Since 1999, the Reading Agency has been running the summer holiday reading scheme in partnership with the library service. The aim is to encourage and reward readers who visit the library over the summer holidays . Children who complete the challenge receive a certificate and we asked all of the children who took part this year, to bring in their certificate for their name to be entered into a prize draw.


Three draws took place on Friday 7th September in an assembly hosted by Miss Richards. A further draw for Reception will take place on Friday 21st September.


Mad Science

Professor Intergalactic Grace visited from Mad Science and wowed the children with an amazing assembly around the science of air pressure. She managed to make ‘Eggwina’ wiggle in and out of a conical flask with a neck too small to fit an egg—it was magical to watch but now we know it is, in fact, science!

She taught us about the elements of fire and picked children to represent oxygen, fuel and heat and finished with an amazing fiery finale which had us all awestruck.

Mad Science have offered to run an after school club for KS2 children in years 3-6 but this can only take place if there is sufficient interest. To sign up, please visit and click AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS.


Year 4 Junior Citizens Picnic

Making the most of the September sun, and working towards achieving the Junior Citizens award, the Year 4’s held a picnic. There was warmth, fun, camaraderie and community spirit in what looked to be a sociable and enjoyable event, everyone joined in games, shared learning and, of course, enjoyed the picnic goodies!


Year 2— Pukka Pizza Trip

The Year 2’s learning challenge, ‘Could I be the next Jamie Oliver?’, got off to an exciting start this week with all three classes going on a trip to Pizza Hut.

We wanted to inspire the children to think about different types of food and what makes a balanced diet (something which Jamie Oliver advocates) as later on this term the children will be making both salads and pizzas.

2P’s day started with a short walk to the bus stop where the children eagerly awaited the arrival of the 222 bus to Uxbridge. The children acted sensibly throughout the journey and used excellent manners when getting on and off the bus.

After arriving at Pizza Hut, the children were able to choose from a selection of different pizzas and pastas. They also enjoyed choosing their own drinks and sampling the food from the fresh salad bar.

The Pizza Hut staff were very impressed with children’s impeccable behaviour whilst in the restaurant.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and demonstrated that they are enthusiastic about their new learning challenge.


Year 6—Important Information

You must apply for a secondary school place for your child to start in September 2019

Applications should be made on line via and following the navigation route below:

Þ Childcare, Schools and Learning

Þ Schools

Þ School Placements and Admissions

Þ Starting Secondary School


Contact Details for the Admissions Team:

Tel: 01895 556644


You can find details of secondary school open days on the Hillingdon website or by visiting the schools’ own website.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 31 October 2018.

To give your child the best possible chance of being offered their preferred school(s), please ensure your application is sent to the borough in plenty of time; we would therefore recommend you submit your application by Friday 19 October.


ParentPay & Pabulum

Thank you for bearing with us following the introduction of the new system to register attendance and order school dinners.

Children in Reception and KS1 will not have been affected but parents of children in KS2 must ensure that ParentPay accounts are up to date otherwise children may not be able to select their meals from the menus.

As with any new system, teething problems are inevitable and thank you for your patience as we endeavour to address these.


Pupil Premium

Please do not forget to register for Free School Meals / Pupil Premium if your family is in receipt of any form of income support. Forms are available from our main reception where we can check your eligibility.

The allowance applies from Nursery to Y6.



Do look out for items which may appear on your ParentPay account for activities and trips. We endeavour to give as much notice as possible to give families the opportunity to plan for or spread the cost. Recent items include:

Y5 Trip to Harry Potter World (28 November 2018)

We are funding the experience as part of the Park Federation’s Childhood Promise but we do ask that payment is made towards transport costs

Y6 School Journey to Windmill Hill (14-17 June 2019)

Soon to be added:

KS2 Trip to Beck Theatre for Panto (13th December 2018)

Y1 Trip to the Cinema (21st November)


Autumn / Winter is just around the corner!

If your child has asthma and uses a preventative inhaler (Beige/ Brown/ Orange/ Red/ Purple/Pink) please make sure it is being taken regularly EVERY DAY as we are heading towards the most challenging season for asthmatics.


Playground Etiquette

Please ask children to dismount from scooters and bikes before entering the playground at drop off and to refrain from riding bikes and scooters in the playground. Space is limited and it is extremely busy at the start and end of the school day.


Our Community & Macmillan Coffee Morning

Friday 28th September 9.00-10.00am


Come and share some light refreshments with us as we get together to talk about fundraising, events and general school life as well as taking the opportunity to take part in the world’s biggest coffee morning in support of Macmillan

All contributions of cakes that we can sell for Macmillan, baked or ‘faked’ (bought!) will be gratefully received.


Looking forward to welcoming you will be:

Mrs Macdonald, (Vice Principal),

Mrs Malik (Family Support Worker)

Mrs Willey (PTA Liaison)

Ms Shearer (Parent Governor and PTA Member)