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Newsletter –May 2019


A word from our Principal, Mr Yates:

I am so proud of our Y6 and Y2 children who have worked tirelessly during last week's SATs. SATs are a national measure of children’s attainment and progress in reading, writing and maths. Last year’s progress improved in all subjects and they are forecast to be equally good this year. Achievement is currently very strong across the whole school.


During the week, the children’s focus and positive attitude was first class. On behalf of the children, thank you to you all, staff and families, for your encouragement and support.


Please do not hesitate to contact me or the school if we can help you in any way.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our families an enjoyable half term.  We return on Monday 3rd June.



Health & Fitness

The week was launched by Miss Howard taking the children and staff through a little outdoor aerobics session in the main playground to get the circulation going.  The atmosphere was fantastic and the children were really enthusiastic.  Although we only have 3 days instead of the full week of activities, the children still have a packed programme including yoga, rounders, climbing wall, and various ball games to name but a few.  We also have A-Life with us explaining some of the theory behind keeping healthy.

We had our very special guest Luke Lennon-Ford, 400m Team GB athlete, putting the children through their paces in the sponsored circuit session.  Incidentally, the sponsorship helped to raise just under £1000 for our school—thank you so much for your sporting support!


Larky Parky 2019!

The circus is coming on Friday 5th July!

Tickets for the super circus are on sale NOW and priced at £6.50 each if purchased in advance.  Children must be accompanied by an adult and everyone attending will need a ticket.

The show is suitable for ages 3 to 103 and promises to be a lot of fun!


Celebration Assembly 26th April

Year 1

Excellence:   Dylan, Isabella & Adelina

Enjoy SchoolNishika, Iqra & Victoria

Year 2

Excellence:  Amjed, Ayen & Akshara

Dream:  Deepika, Zohra & Lakshya

Year 3

Excellence:  Ryan, Kasparas & Ahsen

Reflect:  Ezana, Harris & Arian 

Year 4

Excellence:  Riya, Mohammed & Khulud

Work Together:  Weronika & Tanvi;

Haben; Amrollah & Hamud

Year 5

Excellence:   Lennie, Elab & Ilyas

EngageTejaswini & Ardam

Offer & Accept Support:  Maya

Year 6

Excellence:  Bobby & Demi

Engage:   Arman & Desire


Celebration Assembly 10th May

Year 1

Excellence:   Maja, Timothy & Hemanya

Reflect: Isobel, Srikar & Harman


Year 3

Excellence:  JJ, Cleo & Aimee Jane

Offer & Accept Support:  

Shafay, Adrianas & Utham


Year 4

Excellence:  Zara, Leon & Chinelo

Offer & Accept Support:  Nithil

Respect: Brechte & Abubakr


Year 6

Excellence:  Sahar & Husni

Persevere: Hamza & Yasna

Due to KS1 SATs and a school trip, Y2 and Y5 did not attend this assembly.

Year IV’s Roman Day

This term, Year 4 are learning about the Romans. On Romans day, we dressed up in togas (they were very different to our normal school uniforms!). We started reading our class book, "The Thieves of Ostia," which is set in the Roman times. We also learnt how to use Roman numerals.

In the afternoon, we had a Roman banquet. Romans ate sitting or lying on the floor, and they did not use cutlery, so we did the same for our feast. We enjoyed tasting the food, especially the grapes and the olives.


4F Class Assembly—’Roman around Britain’

 4F's assembly explored the early Emperors of Rome and the fearsome battle with the Celts!  

The children performed really well and Mr Forster was very proud.



Y5’s Excursion to Egypt

On Friday 10th May Year 5 were lucky enough to take a trip to the British Museum as part of our topic about the Ancient Egyptians. The children were brimming with excitement and eager to learn as much as they could about Ancient Egypt!


After dropping off our lunches, we headed straight to the Egyptian galleries where our eyes feasted on a fascinating array of ancient artefacts: magnificent sculptures and statues; hieroglyph-covered tomb paintings and sarcophagi; and of course, a gruesome collection of mummies! The children were thoroughly engaged in each exhibit - they asked insightful questions and were keen to make connections with the learning we have been doing in school. At one point, I even noticed some members of the public listening in to our conversations as if we were the Museum guides!


Having taken in the galleries, we attended a workshop on mummification which taught us all about the process of mummification and how modern day technology allows us to look inside a sarcophagus without causing damage to the perfectly preserved mummy within!


After the workshop, it was time for a much-needed bite to eat before heading back to the coach to return to school.  All of the children behaved absolutely impeccably throughout the day and were a real credit to their parents, carers and the school.


5L Class Assembly

5L put on a great performance all about the Ancient Egyptians.  We learned that the pyramids were actually build by skilled  labourers, not slaves, and we learned a lot about the process of mummification. 

The children pictured above with their hieroglyphics spelling out Ramisis (or Rameses).  The Egyptian alphabet contains more than 700 hieroglyphs—there wasn’t time to show them all!

A huge amount of effort went in to the assembly to deliver their learning in a fun way and the audience participation in the quiz scene was very entertaining—even the mums and dads joined in!


Accelerated Reader

The children have wholeheartedly embraced the Accelerated Reader scheme.  It's wonderful to see the children's concentration and enthusiasm when choosing books during their weekly visits to our school library. 

A very polite notice - if your child has an overdue book, we would appreciate if you could find and return to the library during their next visit.

Mrs Abdullaj


Accelerated Reader—Pizza Party

Guests for May:

3L: Samir

3OC: Joe

3S: Nicola W

4F: Mason

4M: Amrollah

4J: Sahir

5B: Kavsikan

5L: Nadia

5WS: Rocco

6R: Nitin

6S: Bobby

Reading books is so rewarding and this month, the children who took the most amount of quizzes in each class, got a golden ticket to a lunchtime pizza party!  The guests were very excited to receive their invitations.

Our caterers Pabulum, set up a special table in the dining hall and they were all treated as guests of honour.  They were served pizza, wedges and salad for their main course followed by cake, yoghurt and fruit and had fruit juices as well as water.

Pabulum made a huge effort for the children and Mr Yates joined them to congratulate them all on their achievement.



Head Pupil Presentation

On the morning of Saturday 27th April, our Head Pupils, Hattie and Husni, headed to Cranford Park Academy to attend the Park Federation Board Meeting.  They met with head pupils of the other Hillingdon schools within the Park Federation and were all greeted by Dr Martin Young, Chief Executive Officer and other Directors and Governors of the Trust.

Each school had 10 minutes to deliver a detailed presentation on the highlights within their school so far this academic year.  Our presentation was about our progress with reading.  Mrs Akyel had helped Hattie and Husni prepare and practise their presentation and was there to lend her support on the day.  The children were really nervous, but they conducted themselves well, spoke clearly and confidently and made us very proud.

Following the speech, Dr Young asked questions including who their favourite authors were and why.  The Board were amazed with our Accelerated Reader statistics and how many words our school have read!

Once the presentation was over, Hattie and Husni could breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy watching the other Head Pupils present.  All of the schools gave impressive speeches about the brilliant work going on in their academies.

At the end of all of the presentations, Dr Young stood up to say a few words on how remarkable all of the children were and that he was really impressed by the fantastic work being produced within all of the academies within the Federation.

Attendance Matters

Since our last newsletter, the following classes have achieved top attendance:

Week ending 5th April               5WR with 100%

Week ending 26th April            5WR with 98.8%

Week ending 3rd May                5B with 100%

Week ending 10th May             2P with 99.2%

Week ending 17th May              2P with  99.7%


Classes will continue to earn a non-uniform day for top attendance when children can come into school in their own clothes. 

Punctuality is equally as important. Arriving on time, prepared and ready for the day ahead contributes to a positive attitude to learning.  Children can feel awkward or embarrassed if they arrive late and disrupt the learning and classroom routines.  Every minute late is lost learning time and it all adds up!


Gender Action

West Drayton Academy has recently signed up to the London-wide Gender Action Schools Initiative. The programme aims to tackle gender stereotypes that hinder pupils from reaching their full potential. It involves a whole school approach, putting gender equity at the heart of practices and policies to enrich pupils’ learning and development.

While most of us recognise that there is a gender imbalance in many areas of society, it can be very difficult on an individual level to tackle this. A lot of parents will feel they treat their sons and daughters similarly, but yet find that boys gravitate to trains and ball games, while girls favour dress up and dolls. In school, girls are more likely to study arts and humanities subjects and boys maths, science and sports. Careful research has uncovered how these preferences expressed by children (and adults!) are not biologically inherent, but rather encouraged by parents, peers, teachers, books and media. For example, it has been observed that parents say ‘careful’ far more often to girl children than boy children, thus discouraging girls from risk-taking or physical games. Likewise, teachers can subconsciously encourage different subject choices for boys and girls by giving more attention and commendation to boys in one class and girls in another.

It takes commitment and the development of critical thinking and awareness amongst all of us, including pupils, to overcome these limitations.  The Gender Action programme will provide us with tools to tackle the ways that stereotypes are developed and maintained across a range of areas.

We encourage parents and pupils to get engaged with the programme and are eager to hear about any suggestions or questions.

More info:

Thank you to Dr Katherine Twamley, one of our parents, for the article above and for taking the lead to help us to support this initiative.


Sporty Spot

On Tuesday 30th April, our football team played at Cowley St Laurence and secured a 5-1 victory.  Our boys have truly been on form this year—already league champions and now have reached the quarter finals of the cup tournament. 


Our team were back in action on 15th May playing at home against Cherry Lane Primary School in the Quarter Finals of the Cup tournament.  The first half ended 2-1 to WDA but CLPS fought back hard in the second half to end our involvement in the competition with a final score of 2-3 to Cherry Lane.

The game was very exciting for the spectators with end to end action and all of the boys played well.  We are very proud of them.


Water Bottles

Please send you child into school with a named water bottle so they have easy access to a drink in class without having to lose learning time visiting the water fountains.  As the weather gets warmer, children will need to drink more to keep hydrated. 

Playground Safety

Please dismount from scooters and bikes on arrival in the playground.  This area is busy at drop off and collection times and there is not enough space to ride safely.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Polite Reminder

The car parks are for staff use only. 

If your child attends breakfast club, please park courteously in the car park in marked bays only.  The central area should be kept clear for emergency access.

Thank you.