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Monday 7th January 2019


Dear Parents/ Carers,


Happy New Year. It is great to welcome the children back after the winter break and to hear all about the things they have been doing with their family and friends. This week the children will be sharing their holiday news, drawing a picture and writing about it.



This term we have grouped the children for phonics according to their current level of skills and knowledge. Some children will therefore move to Mrs Harrison or Miss Spence's classes for phonics lessons whilst some will remain with Miss Breen. The grouping will enable the teachers to plan and deliver lessons that are closely matched to the needs of the group of children to ensure they make maximum progress this term.



This week we will be focusing on addition, practising one more than a given number and also adding two numbers together by counting the objects. Some children will be ready to use a numberline to help them with addition and a few may be ready to begin to record simple addition number sentences.



We will continue to have our library sessions this term on Fridays. Please ensure that your child brings their book in on this day so they get to change it every week. 



Thank you as always for your support.




Miss Breen and Miss Curtis


Mrs Macdonald's writing workshop booklet

End of Year Maths Targets - Continent Card

Overview Reception 2018/19