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At West Drayton our motto is 'From self confidence to achievement' and we believe that P.E lessons and school sport can play a vital role in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the children both now and in the future.  

We also aim to cover as many of the West Drayton School values as possible. These values are shown below and you can see how we work on these in  P.E. 


Work together - In all team sports that we learn.

Engage with learning - The teachers plan new and exciting lessons which keep us engaged.


Aim high to reach our goals - If we find a skill or task difficult we do not give up! We carry on until we improve and succeed.

Respect others, ourselves and our environment - We believe in fair play and respecting all our peers in gymnastics and games.

Enjoy school - We have fun in P.E and enjoy learning new skills and taking part in a variety of competitions.


Persevere until we succeed - Linked to Aim High we never give up. We keep on trying until we succeed.

Reflect and improve - In gymnastics, we perform and reflect on how we did. What do we need to improve? What did we do well?

Offer (and accept) support, especially when mistakes are made - We listen to our peers and teacher's advice so that we can improve.

Unite as a community - We take part in competitions across Hillingdon which link us to different schools in our community.

Dream about a brighter future


P.E Lessons

Children at West Drayton currently have two P.E sessions a week. One of the lessons is 'games' with Mr Donnelly and the second lesson is a gym lesson with Mr Wichelow. We have a Multi Use Games Arena (MUGA) and large gym which are well equipped for P.E lessons, clubs and lunchtime activities. 


P.E Kits

It is imperative that all children are appropriately dressed for P.E and follow the school policy.  P.E Kits at West Drayton Primary school consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts/joggers and plimsolls/appropriate sports footwear. (See picture below) ALL jewellery including earrings should NOT be worn on P.E Day.

Children should bring their PE kit into school and leave it on their own peg so it is always available for PE lessons.



To ensure this is consistently followed teachers and LSAs will be keeping a record of children who are forgetting P.E Kits. If children forget their P.E Kit or it is not complete they will receive a verbal warning. If children forget it a second week, a letter will be sent home to notify parents/carers.

Failure to bring your complete kit on the third week will result in spending part of Friday lunchtime in the gym with Mr.Donnelly (P.E Teacher). This will not apply to Reception, Year 1 and 2.  



Clubs at West Drayton

At West Drayton Primary School we are privileged to have a wide variety of clubs running. These clubs are accessible for both KS1 and KS2 and run in the morning before school  and after school. Our Sports Clubs are run by Mr.Wichelow, Mr.Donnelly, Miss Callanan and Miss Innes. The coaches would like to say well done to the children who have signed up to attend additional physical education. We are overwhelmed by the numbers of you attending and the positive attitudes and commitment you all have towards these clubs. It is so good to see you all having such a responsible attitude towards living a healthy lifestyle and wanting to develop your skills and knowledge of sport. 



P.E Funding 

 As part of the government initiative, the school has been given £9760 from the P.E and Sport Grant. The money must be spent on improving the provision of PE and Sport at West Drayton Primary School. 





Sport Funding for current academic year 2015/16

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