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Monday 17th September 2018



Dear Parents/ Carers,


This week your child will be starting nursery and we are so excited to welcome you all to our wonderful nursery!

Each child has their own start date and time so please ensure that you check your induction pack for this information. This gives us time to talk to you about your child, fill in any paper work we may have missed and it ensures we are free to support your child with settling in. Please call the school office if you need to check start times and dates. 


* This week our main priority is to support the children when separating from their grown ups, and to ensure they feel safe and happy in their new environment. 

* We will be introducing our school and nursery rules

* We will be using props and stories to sing and learn new nursery rhymes. 


Dates for the Diary



Children starting school from: Monday 17th September.

We look forward to meeting you and your child If you have any questions please call the school office.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership, 


Miss Howard, Mrs Balkhu, Mrs Glowala, Miss Horan & Miss Penny


Nursery Planning

End of Year Maths Targets