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Monday 26th June 2017




Dear Parents


This term we will focus on the transition process for the children's move to Reception in September. We have created a school role-play area for children to explore the school day and we will take them over for visits to the Reception classrooms.


Our story this term is 'You Choose' by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt. We are encouraging the children to discuss the choices they make with the class and to give reasons why they have made their choice. This week, our focus question is:


"Which type of food would you choose?"


Click on the picture below to hear the story.




For phonics we follow the Letters and Sounds programme.

This term we will focus on oral blending and segmenting. We will do this through learning songs and playing games to reinforce the children's skills in hearing all the sounds within small words. Click the pictures below to find songs to support your child with their learning:





Our learning objectives this week are:

  • CL12 – Uses talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next, recall and relive past experiences.
  • PD28 - Holds pencil near point between first two fingers and thumb and uses it with good control.
  • PSED45 - Can usually adapt behaviour to different events, social situations and changes in routine.
  • L58 – Describes main story settings, events and principal characters.
  • M94 – Shows interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements.
  • UW107 – Knows how to operate simple equipment e.g. turns on CD player.
  • EAD123 – Realises tools can be used for a purpose.



Dates for the Diary


Mon 26th - Fri 30th June: Health & Fitness Week

Thurs 29th June: Reception Meeting (6pm)

Tues 4th July: Transition Morning (9:30-11:30am)

Weds 12th July: Nursery Graduation and Sports Day (details to follow)

Tues 18th July: Nursery Party (details to follow)

Weds 19th July: Nursery last day

Fri 21st July: Last day of term



If you have any questions, please speak to one of us. We are happy to help.


Thank you for your continued support and partnership.


Mrs Bass, Mrs Balkhu, Miss Dhillon, Miss Horan & Miss Penny 


Nursery Overview 2016-7

End of Year Maths Targets