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Monday 15th July 2019





Dear Parents/ Carers,



Dates for the Diary this half term



Tuesday 16th July - Class party (Children only) Children can come in wearing fancy dress. 

Wednesday 17th July  - Nursery children's last day of school.  



This half term we will be learning about 'mini-beasts and growing'.

This week we will be learning the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.


This week we are learning:


* Personal, Social and Emotional development 

We will be thinking about who our friends are and about transition as we prepare to move to a new class/school.

* Physical development

We will be practicing for our sports day races and continuing dough disco to help our fingers get strong. We are also taking part in the school wide Healthy Eating week and thinking about what we have for breakfast and what fruit we eat at school. 

* Communication and Language 

We will be listening to the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learning actions to help us retell the story. 

* Maths

We will be learning how to describe position using positional language e.g. behind, next to, under, on, in. 

* Literacy

We will be joining in with repetitive phrases in stories and talking about the marks that we make. We are also retelling stories that we hear. 

* Phonics

We will be listening to the sounds in words such as cat, bed, dog and blending those sounds to hear the word. We will do this through a game with a robot who can only say word sounds. 

Understanding of the World

We will be learning about the life-cycle of a caterpillar and looking at the changes that take place when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. 

* Music

We will be learning the game Handy Band where we follow other childrens actions and sounds. 

* Role play 

We will be role playing schools/teachers and we now have a Tesco shop. The children are also enjoying dressing up in costume and acting out new roles.  



Our school warning system.

This is in place for children who do not follow the school rules and if they receive three warnings they will have 3 minutes of thinking time. We will talk to you if your child has thinking time so that we can work together to support them in following the school rules consistently. 


Our school rules are:

1. To listen to adults

2. Use kinds words.

3. Use gentle hands



Our P.E sessions will be on a Friday. The children will alternate between yoga and games/physical skills in the school gym. Please ensure that children wear suitable clothing e.g. tracksuit, leggings (no tights) and have their plimsolls in school.


Book bags

Children will have a book bag with a book and reading record. Please share the book with your child as often as possible, write a comment in the reading record and return to school each Wednesday. Books will be changed and sent home every Friday. 


Thank you for your continued support and partnership, 


Miss Howard, Mrs Balkhu, Mrs Glowala, Miss Horan & Miss Penny


Play dough disco | Fine Motor Development | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough disco song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing!
Easy to follow playdough disco routine which is 3 minutes long. Sing along with the music, squeezing, rolling and splatting!

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