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At West Drayton Primary School, the aims of our curriculum are:


  • to promote children's well-being and development in all areas: spiritual; moral; cultural; mental and physical and
  • to prepare children for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


In order to do this, we have designed children's learning through challenges expressed as questions.  At the start of each topic, children consider how they will complete the challenge through identifying further questions that they would like to explore.  At the end of each learning challenge, children share their discoveries in a variety of ways.  These include: a production; an invitation to parents/carers to share in a presentation with food; a booklet; giving a presentation to another class and holding an exhibition.  


In order to bring learning to life, we plan rich learning experiences for all year groups.  We want our children to experience a wide range of learning opportunities such as: visit a farm; go to the seaside; hear music performed live; meet an author, poet, musician, artist, scientist, engineer etc; visit a museum; perform on a stage; sing in a choir; volunteer; support a charity.


For full details of our curriculum: challenges; experiences and outcomes.  Please see the long term plans at the bottom of this page.


We believe that children's well-being is vital for their success and happiness.  The West Drayton Primary School Curriculum extends beyond the classroom and beyond the school day to help prepare children with the skills they need for life.  In the Annual Report for 2015, you will see the wealth of opportunities children have experienced over the course of the year.  The report shows how the school's values are threaded through all we do and want children and parents to achieve in life.  Our policy on Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Physical development (see policies) also details how we promote children's development in these areas.


Reading at West Drayton Primary School

In our school, we have a wealth of books for the children to choose from.  Our library is stocked with fiction, non-fiction and poetry; children have weekly opportunities to choose books.  Mrs Abdullaj, our librarian, is always happy to help children and parents with book choices.


We have a range of reading schemes we use to help children at the earliest stages of reading.  Oxford Reading Tree is one of our core reading schemes.  The Oxford Owl website (see link below) has a wealth of information on:

  • helping your child with reading;
  • supporting your child with maths;
  • explaining how we teach phonics;
  • e-books to choose from;
  • explaining the different assessments children take;
  • and much more...




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