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Welcome to 5WR

Week Beginning- 10th December 2018



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I will be your teacher, Mrs Warren-Searle. On a Friday, you will have Mrs Ridge. 


PE kits will need to be brought in on a Tuesday and if you were originally in 4P, you will need to bring in your swimming kits on a Thursday.




This week's homework


The children will be set homework based on spelling, grammar and an activity based on their maths learning this week. They will be provided with an X-Factor booklet to complete one X-Factor each week and they will also be expected to access the activities from Mathletics and to read at least one book on Bug Club (passwords for Bug Club are still in the process of being raised.)





This week's learning:



This week we will continue reading, and watching, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We will continue writing our own back-story for why Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts. 





This week in maths we will be:

looking at angles and how to measure them using a protractor. We will also be revising the 4 key operations.


If your child does not know their times tables, please practice these at home with them.

It is imperative that all children learn these as without this knowledge they cannot access the Year 5 Curriculum.


Foundation subjects


This week, we will begin looking mythical creatures and how we can move these creatures in magical ways!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Chapter 12 - The Mirror of Erised

Chapter 12 - The Mirror of Erised

PE / Swimming:


Please bring PE kits for Tuesday.

PE: Black plimpsolls, black shorts and white t-shirts.




If you were in 4WS last year, you will be swimming on Thursdays. This will start next week. Please bring in your swimming kit. 


Boys: Tight-fitting shorts, towel, swimming hat.

Girls: One-piece swimming costume (no bikinis), towel, swimming hat.

You may also bring a pair of goggles if you wish.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask


Mrs Warren-Searle or Mrs Ridge

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