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wb 14th May 2018


We will be learning: 





This half-term our English lessons will be based on our class text, 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman.


This week the children will be writing a newspaper report based on the unveiling of the town clock in the story!

The children will also be learning about how to include subordinating conjunctions in their writing.


See the source image


Reading Strategies


We will be continuing to use our 'Super 8' strategies to help children to understand what they are reading:


Ask Questions

Make Connections


Determine Importance

Make Predictions


Make Inferences




At the moment we are concentrating on making inferences.

We are using our background knowledge and clues from the text to infer what the author means. 


This week we will begin learning about our final reading strategy: synthesising.

We will learn to monitor how, as readers, our thinking changes while we are reading.





This week in maths we will be:


- Rounding and ordering decimals

Multiplying and dividing decimals by 10,100 and 1000

Using negative numbers in the context of temperature

- Learning to read, write and order numbers with three decimal places.




We will also be practising our tables to x12.


If your child does not know their times tables, please practice these at home with them.

It is imperative that all children learn these as without this knowledge they cannot access the Year 5 Curriculum.




This half term our Science topic is 'Properties and changes of materials.' 

We will be comparing everyday materials on the basis of their materials. We will also be learning about solids, liquids and gases and how we might separate materials using filtering, sieving and evaporating.







Our topic this term is:



Vikings and Anglo Saxons


PE / Swimming:


Please bring PE kits for Tuesday.

PE: Black plimpsolls, black shorts and white t-shirts.




We are  NOT swimming this  half-term.


Boys: Tight-fitting shorts, towel, swimming hat.

Girls: One-piece swimming costume (no bikinis), towel, swimming hat.

You may also bring a pair of goggles if you wish.


Homework Projects



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask


Miss Pugh                                                         Mr Forster

This week's homework



Making inferences activity

(2 texts, 3 sheets)


Parent Guidance:

In class we have been learning how to make inferences - in other words, how to read between the lines.

The children have learned the following formula:

TC + BK = I

(Text Clue + Background Knowledge = Inference)

Children should combine clues from the text with what they know about the world to make an inference.

For example: 

Eric received lots of presents on the 11th of May!

I infer that it was Eric's birthday on 11th May (I) because in the text it says he received lots of presents (TC) and I know that people usually receive presents on their birthday (BK)



Complete the 5 assigned activities on Mathletics which follow on from our learning this week on decimal numbers.


Overview 2017-2108

Y5 Planet Booklet

End of Year Maths Targets - Continent Card