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2nd July 2018

This week's homework:



Listen to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Chapter Twelve - The Mirror of Erised and answer the questions in your homework book (5B on paper as you do not have your homework books). Find the questions in the Youtube description.


Please find above links to the audiobook chapter on youtube!


Please read or listen to the chapters by Monday as we will be reading on in class and you will need to have read these chapters!

The deadline for the written homework is Tuesday.







This week's learning:




This half-term our English lessons will be based on our class text, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

This week we will be reading chapters 10 and 11.




Spelling Bee and Strictly Speaking - Federation Competitions


This week we will be selecting 3 students to represent West Drayton Academy in the Park Federation Spelling Bee on June 21st. Initial rounds will be held on Tuesday, with the top 6 spellers taking part in a second round on Wednesday morning, when three finalists will be selected.


We will also be selecting 3 students to represent the school at the 'Strictly Speaking' pubic speaking competition on June 28th.

We will select a winning team of 3 from each class on Tuesday who will compete against each other on Thursday morning to decide our finalists.


Reading Strategies


We will be continuing to use our 'Super 8' strategies to help children to understand what they are reading:


Ask Questions

Make Connections


Determine Importance

Make Predictions


Make Inferences



This week we will begin learning about our final reading strategy: synthesising.

We will learn to monitor how, as readers, our thinking changes while we are reading.







If your child does not know their times tables, please practice these at home with them.

It is imperative that all children learn these as without this knowledge they cannot access the Year 5 Curriculum.






Care of Magical Creatures


This half term our Science topic is 'Living Things, their Habitats and Animals, including humans.' 

We will be learning about the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird. We will also learn about and be able to describe the life cycles of common plants.   We will be able to describe the changes experienced in puberty and know the stages in the growth and development of humans.





Our topic this term is 


How is the magic of Harry Potter Created?




PE / Swimming:


Please bring PE kits for Tuesday.

PE: Black plimpsolls, black shorts and white t-shirts.




We are not  swimming this  half-term.



Maths and English homework is given out on a Friday and returned the following Tuesday


Daily reading

All of the children are expected to read every day and to write their own comment on their reading record books which must be brought in every day.

Homework Projects


Design and make a Harry Potter themed board game!


Include some element of chance and a Harry Potter theme!



If you've any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with Miss Brunswick!

Year 5 Planet Booklet

End of Year Maths Targets - Continent Card