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Welcome to 5B!

W.B 27.11.17


This week's learning:


We will be learning: 




For the next couple of weeks we will be writing formal texts including recounts and police statements about an invasion of flying frogs! Our class text will be 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis.


Reading Strategies

We will be introducing a number of different strategies to help children to understand what they are reading. We began by  focusing on 'Asking Questions'. We are now moving onto Making Connections. To do this we ask the children to look for links or connections with their own experiences and memories by using the following sentence openers:


This reminds of when....

I understand how the character feels because....

The setting makes me think about another place...

I experienced this myself.......


As they continue reading, they should be looking to make as many connections with their own life as possible!



This week we are focusing on:


  • Learning to use a protractor to measure and draw angles in degrees;
  • Learning that angles on a line total 180° and angles round a point total 360°;
  • Identifying and naming parts of a circle including diameter, radius and circumference;
  • Drawing circles to a given radius using a pair of compasses;
  • Using angle facts to solve problems related to turn.


We will also be practising our tables to x12.




This half term we are studying 'Living Things and their Habitats. We will be looking at different plants and animals and how they adapt to their environment.



Your child should have brought home a plant. Please encourage them to nurture it and observe how it germinates. They will need to bring it back to school shortly!






Our learning challenge this half term is 'What is so special about South America?' We  will be studying the location, climate and geography of South America and comparing it to the UK. We will also focus in on Brazil and the Amazon rainforests.

PE / Swimming:


Please bring PE kits for Tuesday.

PE: Black plimpsolls, black shorts and white t-shirts.

Swimming: We are not swimming this half term.


Maths and English homework is given out on a Friday and returned the following Tuesday


Daily reading

All of the children are expected to read every day and to write their own comment on their reading record books which must be brought in every day.

Homework Projects


This half term we will be creating homework projects around the theme of chocolate. The children can chose to do anything they want but it must include elements of research, making and writing. For example they could:

  • make an information poster about the history of chocolate

  • design and make their own chocolate bar

  • research favourite chocolates and produce graphs and conclusions

  • create a new chocolate product complete with a recipe for others to copy

If you've any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with Miss Brunswick!

This week's homework


Issued: Friday 24th November 2017

Due: Tuesday 28th November 2017


English: Bug Club - read 3 whole books and answer all the questions

              English Comprehension - Rainforest deforestation



Maths: The 4 operations

ActiveLearn Maths games (accessible via Bug Club login)

             Complete games until you have a score of at least 90%

            Mathletics - 2000 points

Year 5 Planet Booklet

End of Year Maths Targets - Continent Card